Interactive Panoramas

Welcome to our Classic Gallery. Here you can see some various types of interactive virtual panoramas we have done. They include all types of situations, and various features. You can have a basic panorama shot or get a full complement of panoramas with all the trimmings. Contact us today to discuss your particular needs and desires.

Full screen panoramas will immediately fill your entire screen for maximum viewing enjoyment.
You can easily exit the panorama by clicking on your close button. Instructions are embedded in the panorama.

St. Paul's Cathedral -- CLICK HERE
Located in Birmingham, Alabama and is over 100 years old. The building is a beautiful work of art both inside and out. There are three panoramas linked together from outside, balcony and the altar area.

Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington - CLICK HERE
Located in Columbiana, Alabama and is a treasure trove of artifacts from
George Washington. Includes a "pull-out" on the Main Hall panorama.
This is a four panorama tour of their an iPhone/iPad?
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University of Alabama's "Quad" -- CLICK HERE
Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It was shot from the center of the Quad.
This contains only a single panorama image.
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Body Logic School of Esthetics -- CLICK HERE
Located just south of Birmingham, Alabama they teach how to be a professional esthetician or a cosmelogist. This is a four panorama tour of their facilities.
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Manderson Landing -- CLICK HERE
Located north of the University of Alabama campus.
This is a single panorama with two pop-outs of information.
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These panoramas utilize a pop-up mapping system. Each map is custom prepared
to present multipe panorama locations whether in a building, on a campus or over a large area.
Click on the SHOW MAP link to show the map at anytime. Have fun!

Shelby County Museum Tour (Alabama)
Nine museums to see. Tour Shelby County's rich history!
Loaded with features such as... Maps, Pop Outs, Info Box per Pano and Audio
The link above will take you away from Classic Panorma
to their dedicated web page.

Downtown Birmingham Areas of Interest Tour
Six downtown locations to see and hopefully... more to come!

These panoramas will open INSIDE an existing page. They can be initially sized to fit within your web page's specifications.
They viewer can click on a button to make it go to FULL SCREEN mode and back again to the smaller size.

Little Flower Day Spa
Mt Brook Village, Alabama

European Kitchen
Birmingham, Alabama

Linn-Henley Research Libary
BIrmingham, Alabama

Flower Cabin
Chelsea, Alabama

Hunter Street Baptist Church
A church located in Hoover, Alabama.

Patton Creek at Riverchase
A shopping district located in Hoover, Alabama.

Manderson Landing -- CLICK HERE
Located north of the University of Alabama campus.
This is a single panorama with two pop-outs of information.
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Meadowbrook Corporate Park
Birmingham, Alabama

This one has music to make the panorama a bit more enjoyable.

Birmingham Zoo,
Birmingham, Alabama

This one contains direction audio. Audio can contain narrator if required.

Ball Park (Hwy 47)
Chelsea, Alabama

This one contains a bit of music relative to baseball.

Linn Park
Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama's 2nd State Capitol
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

B'ham Civll RIghts Institute & Kelly Ingram Park
Birmingham, Alabama

St Vincent Hospital's Chapel
Birmingham, Alabama

Shelby County Courthouse
Columbiana, Alabama

J and C Auto
Pelham, Alabama

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex
Birmingham, Alabama

Greater Shelby Chamber of Commerce
Pelham, Alabama

Gadsden Boardwalk by the River
Gadsden, Alabama

Road Side Utility Work
Chelsea, Alabama