Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the panos be sized to fit my web page?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there any enhancements that can be done to the panos?
A: Yes! You can enhance your panorama with Audio, Video, Photo, Textual and Mapping enhancements.

Q: Do you offer anything else be used with the panorama?
A: Yes. We offer a special service at another website called We can provide VIDEO driving DIRECTIONS showing how to get to your facility. Along with your PANO, one can actually experience driving to and seeing your location after arriving.

Q: How do you charge for PANO's?
A: Please call for pricing and see our SERVICES page. The first basic panorama effort cost more, but the consecutive panos cost less.
Regarding enhancements, they require added fees. Therefore, any enhancements to be inserted is extra. These enhancements will have to be quoted depending on the specific requests you may have. Also, requesting assistance to insert the coding is extra.

Q: What do I need to know about the coding process?
A: Sending the code and associated files to your "webmaster" incurs no additional expense. Your webmaster must know how to handle basic javascript supplied coding understands how to insert basic javascript codes

If you need "hands on" assistance from us in understanding how to implement the code OR actually need us to insert the code for you that will incur an additional fee.

Q: When do I pay?
A: 50% of projected expenses are due before shooting commences. The remainder is due upon completion of the project.

Q: What are the best conditions you need to shoot a panorama?
A: Each situation needs to evaluated but consider these best conditons...
1) Very little or no movements.
2) Steady lighting and/or sunlight.
3) If very little light then absolutely no movement.

Q: I want a panorama done but I'm not close to you.
A: We will travel but travel expenses and time will have be included.
We are located just south of Birmingham, Alabama.

Q: How soon can the panorama be ready?
A: Between 2-3 days on average for basic panorama work; more if multiple panos and special "effects" are requested.

Q: Are there any annual fees for the panos?
No. But if you wish us to "mini-host" your panorama to LINK from your site, there is a small annual fee. We can prep a special section just for your panorama. The important thing for you to know is we DO NOT KEEP your visitor... we will redirect them right back to your site.

Q: If there are changes in my location (remodeling, etc.) what are the fees to redo my panorama?
A: Basically, it will have to be reshot. However, if you are wanting to replace a single panorama from several panos in a tour then we would only need to reshoot that particular panorama. We wouldn't have to reshoot all the panos.

Q: If I have more questions???
A: Please contact us via email or call us.
Visit our CONTACT page for more info.